Dublin Pub

Scott and I went to the Dublin Pub tonight for a couple pints. Despite the trappings of a regular pub, (smoke, lame music), the Dublin is a great place. Why? 85+ beers on tap. With a nice selection of local and regional beers, its hard to go wrong. The bartenders were friendly, and offered both samples and advice. Ultimately I had Dry Hop Orange for Caldera Brewing in Ashland (damn good), Bigfoot Barleywine from Sierra Nevada (Damn fine, though better in the bottle), and Lagunitas IPA (Solid). It was a fun time, and the first time I didn’t have to drive in quite a while. Woohoo!

2 Responses to “Dublin Pub”

  • Yeah they place can be really cool when its not too busy, if only they would get rid of the shitty bands.
    Beers I had –
    Terminal Gravity IPA (mmmm…hops)
    Mt. Hood Hogsback Oatmeal Stout (Very nice)
    Seirra Nevada Celebration (as usual…awesome)

  • No kidding, lame music and smoke are its achilles.

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