Hops Up!

Guess who I found poking up under the leaf mulch?

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  • Mine, too! Though yours looks like it’s a bit further ahead. The hop shoots on my Willamette plant are about a 1/4 inch but no leaves. The Mt. Hood plant has 3 or 4 tiny little nubs peeking up. This will be the second year for these plants and their first year in the ground. Really looking forward to seeing how the yield is this time.

  • A few of min are also up. What kind is that?

    Word on the street is that commercial grower lop off the early shoots/binds of the year to encourage stronger secondary growth. Any opinion?

  • It’s a Centennial. My Willamette is nubbin’ up, but no leaves yet.

  • All 6 of mine are up and looking heartier than last year. The cascades are going crazy and are the “largest” of the 3 varieties.

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