Kind Gesture

My wife’s long time friend and her new boyfriend were in town this week. We took them to the Horse Brass because they smoke, and she wanted a hamburger, and I wanted beer. We had a good time, and as a gift, the boyfriend bought us a six pack of Heinekin. Its not something I drink, but he knew that I liked beer, and for all he could tell, it was a good beer. It was a very kind gesture, and I appreciate it. Its been hot enough in our house lately that an exceedingly pale lager is just what the doctor ordered.

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  • I remember the wedding of the first guy I ever knew who homebrewed. They had a party the night before with lots of different libations. Some people couldn’t make it to the party, so didn’t know his talents. The next day, before the wedding, one guy pulls out a case of Miller as a gift.

    In the ceremony, a priestess held up a chalice and said, “Now you will drink from the cup, brewed by your own hands.”

    I laughed out loud.

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