New Old Lompoc

Today we finally had our new place type party. Since I was between batches of homebrew, I picked up a keg brown from New Old Lompoc brewery. I learned last night while enjoying a pint of tasty hop harvest that Don Younger, proprietor of Horse Brass Pub, was also owner of New Old Lompoc Brewery. I had also been hunting kegs, and from what I’d tasted, it was a sure pick. So I called in to Lompoc, and the brewer, Trevor, split a keg for me to fill a measly 1/4 barrel for my party. After a brief “leave a message/That guy from old lompoc/oh, the brewer” exchange, we got a very tasty keg for Bald Guy Brown. Its delicious, and I think it went over very well. I’m in no hurry to kill it, so stop by if you ant to have some.

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