Rose and Raindrop

We finally got around to visiting the Rose & Raindrop. Got a later start than planned, so all the seating on the ground floor was taken. Sadly, the chairs on the ground floor are very cushy, and would have been the perfect place to decompress after a week of work. We were the first upstairs and picked a seat on the edge of the balcony. Below us was a traditional British pub situated in a apply decorated building. The wood backdrops to the bar, the display of tap handles, the stained glass windows all made for a nice atmosphere. Amazingly, the smoke from downstairs hadn’t made its way up to us, and were glad.

As we were being seated I asked about the cask ales, and the conversation that ensued was somewhat surprising. We were talking with the owner, and he was very hands-on with the beers and understandably pleased with his pub & restaurant.

The beer selection is quite impressive, though the offerings change too quickly for the menu. A very nice spread of micros and imports are available, as well as a number of seasonals. To my surprise, there were 3 different Oktoberfests on tap.

Our first round of cask ales were served at the perfect temperature, and the ale itself was the perfect choice for a cask beer. The menu selection is somewhat limited, like all pubs, but the variety is great. The food was very good, and the waiter packed my lamb shanks for my dog. Sadly, we skipped the cranberry bread pudding for another pint.

One amenity that is starting to become a staple in Portland is Wireless Internet Access. Personal Telco, a local public wi-fi group had access points inside the pub. With a cozy chair, a great selection of beer, and great food, this could be a nice place to get some work done.

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