Cooper Carbonation Drops

I purchased a bag of Cooper Carbonation Drops with the intention of bottling a couple of beers from each batch that I brew. Unfortunately, the use instructions fail to mention how to sanitize them.

I’d hate to go to all this trouble just to have a carbonating tab spoil a beer that I’d sent to a family member, friend, or even a competition.

The only method I can think of is steaming the item. Not fail safe by any means, but it may be a start. What about baking them? Seems extraneous.

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  • When I used sugar pellets in the past I didn’t sanatize them (I know a big no no but I came across the same ? of how to actually do it). Since they don’t dissolve all that quickly I quess you could but them in a strainer and run some iodophor water over it. I’m going to try this next time I use them.

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