Horse Brass Pub

Last night my wife and I went to the Horse Brass Pub over on Belmont with her father and step-mother. After living in Portland for two years, we’re only finally getting around to taking them to some of our favorite pubs, and some new ones as well.

The Horse Brass Pub is in authentic British styling, wonderful decoration, awesome beer selection, great food, and great service. We all had 2 pints over the course of dinner, but afterwards, our waitress started bringing us samples of beers she thought we might like. Damn was she right! Anyway, I’m looking for any excuse to go again. Its wonderful.

Oregon Brewers Festival 2003

This weekend’s Oregon Brewers Festival was a blast. I had a wonderful time trying various beers, and enjoying them with friends. It was a wonderful opportunity to try beers that are normally not found in the portland arena. On the second day, I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Fred Eckhardt over a delightful Anacortes Pilsner. He had a number of wise words, and was a joy to speak with. The whole event really solidified my beleif in good beer. Only 363 days until the next event.

Victory Blindness?

I tried Victory’s Prima Pils and Hop Devil this weekend. They are very highly rated on BeerAdvocate. The Pils was really not great, but the Hop Devil was excellent. It was one of the better ESB’s I think I’ve ever had. And yes, I know its an IPA. It is good, but I don’t think its #8 good. You East Coasters need to try some IPA’s from out here. I highly recommend Bridgeport, though there are too many to list. Go west young man!

Dogfish Head Tasting

Michelle and I took our Oly stubbies back to John’s Market tonight. The lot was full because Friday night includes wine testing. Damn, wine snobs and I’ve got a box of Oly Stubbies. I was very surprised as one typical Portland Male stepped to the side exposing a Dogfish Head banner, and a table with several sixers and open bottles with tasting glasses on it. Sweet Mercifal Crap! Dogfish Tasting!

I ditched the stubbies and we were able to try ImmortAle, Chicory Stout, and Raison D’etre – they were all fabulous. Very unique and full. Even the Wine tasters were enjoying it. Plus, I got to me the owner of John’s Marketplace – and he was really cool, just like the rest of his family. Best place to shop for beer hands down.