Moved site directory, watching for errors

I’ve just moved some stuff around on the server, so things might be somewhat out of place. They should all work since I set up Apache’s mod_alias to redirect people still using the links. I’ll keep an eye on the logs, but let me know if something just doesn’t seem right.

Back Online

My site has been somewhat static the last month due to a moving problem where horrible cat piss smell (imagine warm corona) filled the house. The carpet is being replaced, but I’m now getting back online and brewing my first batch tomorrow.

ABV Calculator, Tools Page

I finished and ABV calculator over the weekend, and added it and the IBU calculator to the Tools page, which you can get to from the top and side navigation links.

It should work with Specific Gravity and Plato, and do temperature corrections for Celcius and Fahrenheit. I didn’t add support for Potential Alcohol because, well, its pretty obvious.

IBU Calculator Finished

The IBU Calculator is now finished! It took a while to decide upon which formula to use. Ultimately, I decided upon Jackie Rager’s Formula since most brewing isn’t full wort. It also seemed like it would be easier to program.

There is still the option to code a second calculator that uses Glenn Tinseth’s Formula, but we’ll see how this one works. So far I’m pretty happy with the numbers its gets. I’ll probably work on improving the layout, but since I’m working over the command line right now, I’ll wait until I get home.

What tool should I add next? ABV calculator? A second IBU calculator?

Changes to page, looking at different content manager

While I was sick, I validated the entire site for XHTML compliance. At the time, it passed.
Valid XHTML 1.0!
Also, I’m looking at a different content management system to replace Moveable type. Hopefully something in PHP. You’ll probably notice that this page doesn’t validate correctly. I’m not sure how that happened. I’m getting tired of MT.