Hop Damn! humulus lupulus furor Andy Freed Steep grains for 45 minutes @ 150F, remove grains and turn up heat. Just before it boils, add extract and bring to boil. Add first addition of hops at 60 minutes. Add next at 25, 15, 10, 5, etc. Add fining agents at 45 minutes. Immerse wort chiller at 15 minutes. After final hop addition, remove from heat and cool. Once cooled to 70F, transfer to carboy, start primary fermentation. Add hops to secondary for dry-hopping. Create yeast starter early. Brewed for Hop Madness 2004 OG: 1.062 PG: 1.028 FG: 1.018 Light malt extract American Munich American vienna American two-row CaraPils Zeus Amarillo Cascade Amarillo Cascade Zeus California Ale yeast Irish Moss