tea towel grain sack

One of the defining characteristics of home brewers is that they’re usually quite innovative in a pinch. One such example – I left my grain sack at a friends last night and needed to steep my grain this morning. I spent a fair amount of time (like 5 minutes, tops) considering the options:

  • Wait, get the grain sack, then brew
  • use an old sock, but don’t tell anyone
  • perforate a plastic bag
  • use a tea towel, don’t tell michelle
  • drop it in

I decided on the tea towel. I used the oldest, holiest one, but rinsed it under tap water for some time because no one wants fabric softener in their beer. Then I put the grain in, tied of the top with some copper wire, and dropped it in.

Now as I write this I realize I could have steeped the grain in a second vessel with a colander, but that’s what happens when you make hasty improvisations.

Still, it looks like it will be fine.

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