Freezer Chest Kegerator

by Scott Dunlap

Needed Parts:

  1. Chest Freezer
  2. Temperature Controller
  3. Carbon dioxide tank
  4. Draft Tower
  5. Beer line
  6. Corny keg
  7. Gas line
  8. Regulator
  9. Sheet metal screws
  10. Drip tray (optional)
  11. Refrigerator rollers (optional)

New Freezer Chest  Open Freezer


Temperature Control

1. Attach the refrigerator temperature controller to the back of thefreezer. The probe goes into the chest of the freezer and the freezerplugs into the controller, which in turn plugs into the electrical socket.You can set the controller at anywhere from 20-80 degrees F. The controllerwill turn on and off the freezer to maintain the desired temperaturewith a 4 degree F differential (this prevents the freezer from beingoverworked). I set mine to 42 degrees F.

Mark Center Hole with Tape

2.Mark out with tape where you want to put the tower usually centeredleft to right and slightly recessed from the center front to back.

keyhole drill bit

3.Using a 1-inch keyhole drill bit, drill one or two holes overlappingeach other and run the beer lines through the freezer door. Tape offthe edges of the sheet metal for added protection against wear from rubbingon the beer line.

Sheet Metal Screws

4.Since the door is made of sheet metal I purchased some 1 inch longsheet metal screws and attached the tower to the top of the freezer (afterattaching the beer line to the faucet) door making sure the seal waslined up to help insulate the freezer.

Gas Lines and Regulator

5.Then attach the gas regulator to the carbon dioxide tank and hookthe gas line form the regulator to the corny keg. Finally the beer linecould be attached to the corny keg.

Freezer Rollers

6.Refrigerator rollers can be used to place the freezer allowing youto pull the freezer away from the wall when opening the top or else thetower will hit the wall.

Drip Tray and Finished Product

7.A drip tray can also be made from sheet metal and caulk.


Do not drill into the side of the freezer. A chest freezer is differentthan a refrigerator in the sense that there are cooling elements allthe way around the freezer. For this reason you will have to purchasea tower or fabricate a collar to the top (

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