Musings Fermentation Underground opening!

Home brewing is rarely a solitary endeavor. Years ago when I started, I had two other friends who also took the same exploratory journey. Scott channeled his inner nerd and took fastidious notes. Joe had a more curious and open spirit. All three of us eventually brewed good beers all over the spectrum. We even schemed about one day opening something formal. Scott and I went nowhere. I think I hung up the apron first. Scott still owns his equipment, but I don’t know when he last brewed a batch. But early on, Joe got serious.

Joe and Lindsay at the Sasquatch Brew Fest in Eugene, OR in 2008.

Joe went to school at UC Davis and got a proper education. Then, he had a series of jobs of increasing importance in the industry in Oregon. He made a name for himself (which he will deny) for being a quiet and patient presence, but also for creating great beers with incredibly consistent and predictable (and supremely drinkable) product.

Joe checking on fermentation at a place he made into a functioning brewery with good beer.

After a few years of working for notable breweries out west, he and his partner moved east for school. He brewed for a giant out east, but also had his sights on doing something himself. He and his partner Lindsay (a dope Geographer) explored the world of wild and open fermentation, both in Europe, and the few places it was being done at the time here. On the verge of launching a place, COVID made things impossible. But now, they’re on the verge of their first open house.

So if you’re out east in Delaware, go see their open house this Saturday. Musings Fermentation Underground is finally launching. Congratulations, friends! I know it is going to be great. Joe is an incredible brewer and I’m thrilled for the two of them that this day has finally arrived.

Robust Espresso Porter tapped

Last night I woke up sweaty, anxious, and my heart was racing. I wasn’t sure what I was forgetting, but I was given some productive night thought time. It wasn’t until tonight that I realized that last night I had tapped my robust espresso porter and consumed a pint and a half. It contains a fair amount of cold press coffee, and I’m susceptible to caffeine at night. So to those who get sweaty and nervous at night from caffeine, you might want to skip this one. It’s good though.

Spruce Ale update

I racked the spruce tip ale to secondary fermentation. I’m a little surprised at all the foam – it’s been a long time since I’ve had krausen push foam out the airlock. There was a ton of trub, and lots of stringy protein, so hopefully everything is still in order. The gravity at the time of transfer was already down to 1.014, so my precious Safale US-05 is on the spot again.

The taste, while very yeasty still, has a nice, fairly big but not off-putting spruce taste. Good. I think I’ll have it in secondary through this week then crash cool it to drop some of the yeast out for the beer that will be kegged. We’ll see about the beer bound for bottles. I may actually keg both batches and bottle from the keg to have it carbonated in time for Christmas.