State of the Brewnion

During this last week I’ve tapped a pumpkin beer and opened the last of the IPAs Joe and I brewed back in April. The quality of the last 4 beers I’ve brewed is consistently better than my previous beers, and I’m very satisfied with the prospects. The pumpkin ale is a little spicier than I prefer, and the color is almost a sickly green, but it’s quite good. Michelle, who I typically make the beer for, seems content with it.

I expected that the IPA would be a throw-away simply because of it’s age. To my surprise, it was excellent. The aroma was still fresh and citrusy, and the flavor had not dulled any over time. I think it was probably the best carbonated of the bunch, and really made quite a nice finish for the day. I’ll have to go back to the recipe again.

I still have to keg the Imperial IPA, but I don’t have a spare at the moment. Probably time to pick another corny up.

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