State of the Brewnion

During this last week I’ve tapped a pumpkin beer and opened the last of the IPAs Joe and I brewed back in April. The quality of the last 4 beers I’ve brewed is consistently better than my previous beers, and I’m very satisfied with the prospects. The pumpkin ale is a little spicier than I prefer, and the color is almost a sickly green, but it’s quite good. Michelle, who I typically make the beer for, seems content with it.

I expected that the IPA would be a throw-away simply because of it’s age. To my surprise, it was excellent. The aroma was still fresh and citrusy, and the flavor had not dulled any over time. I think it was probably the best carbonated of the bunch, and really made quite a nice finish for the day. I’ll have to go back to the recipe again.

I still have to keg the Imperial IPA, but I don’t have a spare at the moment. Probably time to pick another corny up.

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  1. Interesting on the spices in the pumpkin beer… We brewed a pumpkin beer this year that had entirely too many cloves in it. We decided to brew another and are still waiting to see how it turns out… so far so good though. Glad to hear of your success!

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