Yakistan Imperial IPA – Bottled

I bottled Yakistan Imperial IPA. It’s the first time I’ve bottled an entire beer in a couple years. I forget how much more work it is. Still, the process went fairly well, and I have roughly 20 x 22oz and a double magnum of the IPA aging.

The IPA finished with a terminal gravity of 1.021, which is right where it should be based on the yeast’s attenuation. That puts the ale sitting fairly heavily at 8.2% ABV. That’s a new record for me, but I wish I’d not bottled everything in 22oz bottles.

Since it was in secondary for nearly 2 weeks, the clarity is excellent. I hope there is enough yeast still in suspension to carbonate it. The taste is great so far. There’s less aromatic hop than I wanted, but it has enough bitter back end to support the robust body. If I did it again, I would have dry hopped the beer in secondary. Look for bottles to appear in the next 3 weeks.

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