Nice Cones

New Cones

As it turns out, the little spikey flower things all over my hop plant are cones. The petals have started growing now and they really look like hops.The leaves on the lower part of the plant have started to yellow, and I’m not sure why. I’ve been watering sufficiently and I just added some all purpose veggie fertilizer. Still, I’m worried that the plant will go cones up before I can harvest and make a fresh hop brew.

More new hop cones

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  • oh so pretty!

  • Have they been stressed? The lower leaves are sun leaves and they start to fall off as a plant goes into flower, its healthy. Thats a pretty plant. How many of them are you growing?

  • The plant is growing in a 7.75 gallon keg shell, so there isn’t much soil or growing room, which might be a problem. I’ve kept it watered and just started giving it some supplemental nutrients.

    It’s just one plant this year, but I may try and grow some more next year. It’s been fun to watch.

  • 7.75 gallons should be sufficient. The hop plant has started its flowering cycle so maybe a fertilizer with more phosphorous should be in order. Bat Guano is good. My guess is that they will continue growing for a few more weeks. Keep us updated, its a cool looking plant.

  • Another note, the white styles will fall off and new petals will grow around it. Its right at the beginning of its flowering stage.

  • I’ll pick up some guano or similar phosphorus rich fertilizer next time we’re out.

    Thanks for the tips.

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