Blackbeard Flaked Barley Stout

I brewed the first batch in our new place yesterday. My dad joined me for the brewing, and got a more intimate feel for beer in its process. Partly because I had the ingredients on hand, and partly because I’ve been hankering the batch was Blackbeard Flaked-Barley Stout. Its a variation on the oatmeal stout with the key difference of using flaked barley instead of oatmeal.

With the abundant counter tops, brewing went pretty well. There were a few difficulties, but they were mostly due to trying to multi-task. I’m a bit concerned by the lack of closet space and the high temp in the house (up to 80F). I’ve wrapped the carboy, and now wait to see if it turns out ok. Krausen started in less than 24 hours.

I’ve added the recipe in QBrew format in the recipe section.

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  • Yeah I am a little worried myself about the high temps. I brewed a Porter this wekend and fermentation started w/n 24 but it seems to be really slow now, or at least more slow than usual.

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