Bob's Keg & Cork

While in Yakima, I stopped by Bob’s twice. Bob’s a great guy, and has a great selection available. This time around i had Hodgeson (?) IPA from Levanworth/Fish Tail and Cabin Fever from Boundary Bay.

Bob has two casks at any given time, and I love cask conditioned ales. Monday I had the Hodgeson’s IPA, and it was a wonderful cask beer. It was very drinkable, and really was a nice combination of hopiness, maltiness, and freshness. I recommend it highly.

Last night I had Boundary Bay’s Cabin Fever on cask as well. It smelled like I was in the dry hopping vessel. It had a very bright hop flavor, sublte maltiness and alcohol flavor, and, well, it was really hoppy. Both bitter and aromatically hoppy. It dried out my mouth, as I could not salivate any more. Its worth a try, but its best suited to be served by the glass.