Yakima IPA #6

I’m kegging my Yakima IPA #6 (recipe 6), and the final gravity is at 1.012, the color is perfect, and the aroma and flavor are magnificent. With any luck, carbonation will be the icing on the cake, and I’ll have a superb IPA to serve at Michelle’s graduation party.

I’ve used Amarillo & Cascades for the hops, and I don’t think I can get enough of those two.

6 thoughts on “Yakima IPA #6”

  1. thanks for coppying me and making an IPA as well. Yours will probably blow mine away at the graduation party and then I will just look like a dumbass. damn…

  2. so…whats your point
    anyway, mines not tehnically an IPA and will be way different than yours. Its more of a RyePA and its really lite. But its got a nice hope profile of all Amarillo hops. Just be warned though I am making an IPA for Joe and Linds Wedding.

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