Wine guide misnomers

Wine for Beer DrinkersI found a copy of Dancing Bull’s Guy’s Guide to Wine in the break room and flipped through it because my burrito had 2 minutes left. It’s a basic wine for dummies guide, but there’s a section on wine for beer drinkers. It assumes that guys know beer, and the 4 basic beer styles translate to wines. I thought it was kind of funny, so I scanned it to share.

My favorite part of the guide is the clumping of IPA and Pilsner as a style group, and their comparison to Merlot/Pinot. While inaccurate, the light beer and pilsner would be a better pairing. Second, it describes Merlot as “smooth and easier to handle than some of the big daddy reds.”

IPA? Smooth? It’s probably the only style of beer that most people excluded from their repertoire. Oh, and the Belgians.

One thought on “Wine guide misnomers”

  1. You’d think that they would lump the pilsner in with the other light beers.

    It drives me nuts when talking to wine snobs about pairing drinks with food. I’ll bring up a great beer that would also be a good pairing, and they look at me like I am from another planet.

    We should create a “Beer Drinking Guide for Wine Snobs”
    Rule 1: Quit being an arrogant snob
    But then I guess by creating this guide we’d be breaking rule #1, quite the conundrum.

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