Moving beers

I kegged the porter yesterday and there was enough left over for half a pint to enjoy. Even uncarbonated it was delicious. I also moved the pumpkin ale and IPA into secondary, and while they both seem to be at their target gravity, I had to move the pumpkin to add spices, and the IPA so it could be dry hopped. The pumpkin ale had a mellow, clean body that will hopefully be improved with spices, and like Scott mentioned, the pumpkin flavor is rather minor. We’ll see what happens in the keg. There are about 3 gallons of it and lots of trub/scum in the carboy.

The Imperial IPA had a lovely aroma and huge hop flavor, just like I wanted. Somehow it’s down just just over 5 gallons of beer, which is rather sad. Live and learn.

3 thoughts on “Moving beers”

  1. 🙂 Sounds like you have some drinkable beer. Well probably more than just drinkable.

    How pronounced are the spices? Do you think you’ll need some time to let them round out or soften a bit?

  2. I haven’t tried it with spices yet, though I’m a little concerned because I followed the spice addition to recipe. A recipe for 5 gallons. I only have 3 gallons of beer. Could be spicy!

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