3 thoughts on “Brew Credo”

  1. you know I love Rogue beer, but I thought it was a little funny to see this in the manifesto:
    “Those that produce beer for sale too often hold their profits in greater regard than their product”
    Rogue makes a great beer but if you buy the beer at the brew pub it its extremely expense say compared to Bridgeport. But I guess Rogue still holds their beer in the highest regard (it just cost a lot to try it).

  2. Well, that’s the price of using NW hops & malt, I guess.

    Plus there’s the law of diminishing thirds or whatever where if you have a beer like Imperial Stout, you really can only drink one, so why lower the price to woo customers for buying bulk?

    Yeah, I don’t give a shit about economics. wannabe science…

  3. Lots of places uses NW hops and grains, and they are not as expensive. Ohh well, I still really like the Rogue Brew Pub downtown.
    Yeah…. and economics does suck!!

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