The Younger

Tonight I headed out to Belmont Station
with Curtis for the primary reason of trying Pliny the Younger on tap. BS had a number of big IPAs on tap, but none quite scorched my palate with such deliciousness as Pliny.the place was surprisingly full when we met up with his friends, so we grabbed a glass of the bitter and stood in the adjacent bottle store and talked beer. We tried a few more; a black IPA from Bend Brewing that was dark, smooth and delicious and Fort George’s Chapel X-something that was just brilliant.

It’s been since May since I was at Belmont Station last, and their selection has improved beyond it’s already absurd state. I picked out a number of bottles I thought my bride might enjoy but ended up leaving lots on the shelves for another time.

update: While I was tempted to update in the middle of the night (I was up several times – I have a 7 week old), I found that each of my belches tasted so hoppy as to have a IBU that placed them outside any BJCP style guidelines. I’m not sure how Pliny the Younger can be so packed, but I can’t help but think maybe the beer has some actual lupalin dust off the kiln from some drying facility.

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  1. I had the younger a couple weeks ago and would randomly taste hops in my mouth the next day. I’m glad I’m not the only one that had Pliny echos…

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