Monster of an IPA

Well this weekend I went a little crazy and decided to brew an Imperial IPA. I used 13.5 lbs of extract and a lot of hops (99IBUs). I used Galena and Cascade hops and decided that in secondary I will add some corainder and orange peels (really going for a citrusy flavor to overpower the alcohol – looks like it might be 9.2% ABV). Its bubbling away in primary, and I had to use a blow of tube rather than a typical airlock for fear of the airlock being blown off. I also kegged my Graduation Kolsch which will be drinkable in a couple weeks. Look for both recipes to be added shortly.

One thought on “Monster of an IPA”

  1. its now several months later and I’m the only one who drinks this. Scott’s even trying to foist the keg on to me so he can put something else on tap.

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