Double Chocolate Stout

I am half way through the production of a chocolate stout. So far it tastes good, and had a moderate Original Gravity (1.054). However, when I racked to my secondary fermentation carboy, I ended up leaving behind about 3/4 gallon of sediment and slurry. Normally I only have about an inch of sediment. Does this sound abnormal to anyone else? Would anyone have racked the sediment with the rest of the wort?

Of course my largest concern is that if it turns out really good, I will wish I had more than 4 gallons of it to drink.

3 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Stout”

  1. My pumpkin is acting like that. There is about 6 inches of trub in the bottom compared to the normal 1 in. I think mines from all the added pumkin and stuff so yours may be from the types and amounts of grains you used.

  2. I usually am quite liberal about how much trub I allow into secondary, since its going to settle again anyway. Just stop siphoning earlier when bottleling.

  3. Yeah I don’t mind getting some in secondary unless I am doing a lager cause I don’t want the beer sitting on a lot of trub for 3 months. but in ales I don’t personally care.

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