Three Star Brand Hops

My In-laws have an antique shop, and travel around quite a bit shopping for stuff to re-sell. Because of this, my father-in-law has quite a collection of beer and hop related antiques. One such item is an old box of Three Star Brand hops. Its a small package of maybe 1-2 oz of hops, roughly 60 years old. The most interesting item though is the recipes on the side of the box. I’m almost tempted to try these:

TO START YEAST – Boil one-half pound Three Star Brand Hops in one gallon water, half an hour; strain, and stir in one-half pint fine malt flour, strain again through a course cloth, and boil for ten minutes; when lukewarm, stir in one-half pound brown sugar, place in a jug and keep in a warm place until it works over, then cork tight and keep in a cool place for use.

HOP YEAST – Boil one ounce of Three Star Brand Hops in three points of water, twenty minutes. Strain into a jar, and stir in one teacupful flour, one tablespoonful brown sugar, a one teaspounfull salt. When cooled to blood heat, add one gill yeast. After standing four or five hours, put away for use in jugs, with cork securely tied.

Neither really sounds any good, and the thought of pitching yeast and securing the bottle with a cork seems like asking for disaster. I guess they were simple times.