Bert on Tap

I’ve moved my Yakima IPA 2 and Michelle’s Scotch Ale into the kegs, and they’re carbonating.

Also, we’ve got a new addition to the kegerator: a bronzed Bert Grant tap handle. Its cool. Pictures forthcoming.

Odd e-mail

I got an e-mail from a dude in Brazil who had an argument with a local importer about Pilsner Urquell. He wanted me to prove that Pilsner Urquell wasn’t bitter like the importer said it was. I gave him a history on the beer, a lesson in bitterness, and commented on personal taste. He can’t get Pilsner Urquell in Brazil anymore. Did you know they’re owned by SABMiller too? What’s this world coming to?

Tumwater Brewery Closing

The Tumwater Brewery, at 107 years of age, is being closed by Miller. Formerly the home of Olympia, it now brews Henry Weinhards, Hamms, Mickey’s and Old English 800.

Sorry to heard another NW institution is being closed due to conglomeration and capitalization. Soon, if you want to drink a NW beer, all that’ll be left are Micros. Oh well.

Yakima IPA 2

Michelle and I are both doing a batch this time. Its the first time she’s brewed since 2000. She’s doing a Scotch Ale, and I’m doing a variation on a previous IPA.

Here’s the revised Yakima IPA:

  • 6lb light malt extract
  • 1 lb. Victory Malt
  • 1 lb. Munich Malt
  • 1 lb. Domestic 2-Row Malt
  • 1.5 oz. Nugget Hops (14% alpha)
  • 1.0 oz. Cascade Hops (5.3% alpha)
  • 1.0 oz Cascade Hops (dry hopping)
  • White Labs English Ale Yeast WLP005

You know the rest…

Institutionalized Racism

The French government is proposing to tax all beers over 8.5% ABV. This is part of a national program to curb alcoholism. I’m so glad that the United States isn’t the only government with its head up its ass.

There must be some alterior motive, since wine, wich has a higher % ABV, has less tax than beer in general. State sponsored racism, or however you’d qualify it. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though France does make some great beers.

Fortunately the EU will probably strike this down as an unfair tariff. I might have this wrong, but it also seems sorely misguided to target higher alcohol beers, since they are generally luxury type goods. As the article points out, it would be easier and cheaper to buy cheap wine, or even cheap beer if you’re really in it for the Alcohol. My guess is the AAP (average alcoholic person) doesn’t pick the 8 dollar bottle of Chimay when they want that funny feeling, especially since they can get a 12 pack of cheapo American Lager. Its everywhere, man.

Hop Heaven

My father-in-law gave me ~5 lbs of brewer’s cut hops for christmas. Imagine how that package smelled as you unwrapped it.

Brewer’s cuts shipped from growers/packers to brewers for sampling. I got some Cascade, Willamette, and Centennial. Yum.

Blackbeard Oatmeal Stout Update

When I moved my stout from primary to secondary fermentation, the gravity had dropped from 1.050 to 1.020. Not quite what I wanted, so hopefully secondary will keep the process going.

I’m skeptical however, since below the layer of yeast trub was a dark layer of settled malt sediments. It was kind of pretty, but I fear it may have weakened my beer. So far its good, but a little sweet.