I tried the famous Maudite trappist style beer from Quebec two weekends ago. I can see why people who enjoy trappist style beers would like, but I don’t like trappists and thus did not really enjoy it. Its very strong flavored and has a good body, but it has the typical fruitiness of a lambic beer. Maybe some day I will like lambic/trappist beers but until then I will have to stay away from them.

Chocolate Stout

Last weekend I moved the chocolate stout to secondary, and like I expeted the gravity was at about 1.020 after adding the extra gallon of espresso. A little high but thats ok because I want it to be sweet since the espresso obviously will add some bitterness. I think that I am going to let it mature a little longer than usual before bottling. This will help reduce the strong bite of the espresso. I want to esspresso taste to be there but right now its a little to much.

Hop Heaven

My father-in-law gave me ~5 lbs of brewer’s cut hops for christmas. Imagine how that package smelled as you unwrapped it.

Brewer’s cuts shipped from growers/packers to brewers for sampling. I got some Cascade, Willamette, and Centennial. Yum.

Blackbeard Oatmeal Stout Update

When I moved my stout from primary to secondary fermentation, the gravity had dropped from 1.050 to 1.020. Not quite what I wanted, so hopefully secondary will keep the process going.

I’m skeptical however, since below the layer of yeast trub was a dark layer of settled malt sediments. It was kind of pretty, but I fear it may have weakened my beer. So far its good, but a little sweet.

Double Chocolate Espresso

This weekend I brewed a stout that I think I am going to call Hells Bells Stout, but I’ll wait until its done to make that decision. Its a double chocolate espresso stout that I found the recipe for in last months Brew Your Own magazine ( I changed the recipe slightly (different yeast) but for the most part I held true to the recipe in the mag. The wort tasted very good (it had a pound of Ghiradelli chocolate powder in it, mmmm…), so I hope it turns out well. Next weekend I will move to secondary and add the espresso. I will let you know how it turns out.

~posted by Scott Dunlap

Fire Station 5

So this weekend I tried a porter from the brewing compony Fire Station 5 that is located here in Portland. It was ok but I wasn’t that impressed. It had the typical color and after taste of a porter, but the flavor and smell were a little off. Its smelled sweet almost “like my wort” as Andy stated. Plus it tasted like a porter wort, too sweet for my tastes. The taste was very mild, not like the typical porter that explodes with flavor upon tasting. Basically, I would drink it again but I wouldn’t go to the store looking to buy this beer.

Log Away

Moveable Type seems to be functioning properly now. There’s no way to change the archive files from html to php, so I had to do some not so great things with the .htaccess file. It works now, and hopefully Scott will be albe to try it out soon.