For the low, low price…

The gregarious and entertaining Jonathan Baker at Monday Night Brewery sent me a note that he’d been contacted by a domain squater to see if he would like to by my old domain. The e-mail made me laugh since the domain has both been dormant and increasing in value since Dotster tried to extort me for it several years ago, and other squatters have tried the same.

from the e-mail:

My name is David Williams, a website developer from Queensland, Australia. I am writing to let you know that I am currently offering the domain name for purchase.

I would be willing to offer you complete ownership of for only $870 USD. This domain could be used for email purposes, to redirect to your current website or even to track specific marketing campaigns. It could also be extremely helpful in building search engine rankings for this specific keyword. This would be a powerful marketing tool while also creating valuable type-in traffic to your existing website.

If you would like to purchase this domain name or have any questions please reply to this message as soon as possible to avoid losing this rare opportunity to a competitor as it will be sold in the next 48 hours.

An escrow service can be used for the transaction to give you complete peace of mind and provide protection for both parties involved.

Thanks for sharing Jonathan. I’d tell you to go for it, but that’s really too much to pay for the domain. I think my next beer might be a DSSIPA: Domain Squatters Suck India Pale Ale.

Yes, it’ll be quite bitter.