IBU and ABV calculators acting up

A Canadian fan of my avb calculator recently alerted me to the fact that the calculator had gone “on the fritz.” I asked for clarification, but upon trying them myself, I found that they were spitting out “divisible by 0” errors.

I’ve been struggling with my hosting company lately, and in an effort to meet their demands, have been shuffling items around and adding caching and other items to the blogging software. However, since the ABV and IBU calculators are about the only reason for anyone to visit this site, I ought to get them fixed. If it wasn’t the busiest week of the year at work, I’d be all over it. Hopefully I’ll get it worked out soon.

Also, if you know a good shared hosting company that isn’t trying to extort it’s customers in to using dedicated hosting for low use sites, please let me know. Dreamhost is back on my shitlist.


No IPA sticker in my iMac
No IPA sticker in my iMac
Last night I cracked open my iMac to add a new hard drive. One of the first things I noticed (other than how nice the industrial design is) was a sticker stating “NO IPA.” I’m not sure if this means I shouldn’t drink while working on computers, or shouldn’t give my computer bitter ale, or if it is an acronym for something else, but I didn’t much care for the tone. I’ll be the one who decides when there is No IPA.