Monster of an IPA

Well this weekend I went a little crazy and decided to brew an Imperial IPA. I used 13.5 lbs of extract and a lot of hops (99IBUs). I used Galena and Cascade hops and decided that in secondary I will add some corainder and orange peels (really going for a citrusy flavor to overpower the alcohol – looks like it might be 9.2% ABV). Its bubbling away in primary, and I had to use a blow of tube rather than a typical airlock for fear of the airlock being blown off. I also kegged my Graduation Kolsch which will be drinkable in a couple weeks. Look for both recipes to be added shortly.

Yakima IPA 5, Kegged 90 Schilling

Sunday I kegged the 90 Schilling Scottish with 1 oz. of Cascade Hops for that extra fresh hoppiness. The beer was quite good on its own, but I want to try kegging with hops. I also brewed a batch of IPA using a slightly modified Yakima IPA recipe. Its in the recipes gallery. Added Biscuit for a slightly bolder malt taste.

Stout & Steak

I’ve managed to get most of the garlick smell off my hands, but its still wafting about the room as I type. I just finished making the marinade for some cheap steaks using my oatmeal stout. Its a simple recipe:

  1. Stout Beer
  2. 2-4 chopped garlic cloves
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Steak(s) of whatever quality you can afford.

Let it marinate for several hours, remove from marinade and grill. Serve with veggies, bread, and more stout.

Tour de Fat

Like college all over again!

This weekend New Belgium Brewery with several local bike groups put on a festival in Sellwood Park. The brewer donated beer, and each purchase went to local bike & alterative commuting groups. Also, because New Belgium is so hip, the keg cups were biodegradable, and all the waste was to be composted. The entire event was zero-waste. Well, until the alt-theater bike group threw shaving cream pies and cabbage everywhere. Regardless, there were lots of cool bikes, great beer, and sunshine. Please come back next year!

Dublin Pub

Scott and I went to the Dublin Pub tonight for a couple pints. Despite the trappings of a regular pub, (smoke, lame music), the Dublin is a great place. Why? 85+ beers on tap. With a nice selection of local and regional beers, its hard to go wrong. The bartenders were friendly, and offered both samples and advice. Ultimately I had Dry Hop Orange for Caldera Brewing in Ashland (damn good), Bigfoot Barleywine from Sierra Nevada (Damn fine, though better in the bottle), and Lagunitas IPA (Solid). It was a fun time, and the first time I didn’t have to drive in quite a while. Woohoo!

Horse Brass Pub

Last night my wife and I went to the Horse Brass Pub over on Belmont with her father and step-mother. After living in Portland for two years, we’re only finally getting around to taking them to some of our favorite pubs, and some new ones as well.

The Horse Brass Pub is in authentic British styling, wonderful decoration, awesome beer selection, great food, and great service. We all had 2 pints over the course of dinner, but afterwards, our waitress started bringing us samples of beers she thought we might like. Damn was she right! Anyway, I’m looking for any excuse to go again. Its wonderful.

Moved site directory, watching for errors

I’ve just moved some stuff around on the server, so things might be somewhat out of place. They should all work since I set up Apache’s mod_alias to redirect people still using the links. I’ll keep an eye on the logs, but let me know if something just doesn’t seem right.

New World Scottish or 90 Schilling Ale

Tonight Alan joined me to brew a Scottish style beer. Its somewhat similar to a standard Scottish 80 schilling, but with more hops. That’s right, more. Its the first time he’s brewed in such a rustic setting, as he’s previously brewed at Atomiq, which is currently closed. He’d like to start brewing, so I’m working on a beginners list of items. There were so many things I replaced from my original kit that I’d like to devise a new kit. It will be the best ever.