Hop Damn! humulus lupulus furor (hop madness)

Hop Damn! spent hops
I moved Hop Damn! to secondary today. The IBU count of 114 may be a little high, but its still bitter and has a great citrus aroma and full grapefruit flavor. The gravity is still a bit high at 1.028, but its got a week left. I’m curious how I’m going to get a bottle carbonated enough to take to Hop Madness next Saturday.

I have my doubts that it’ll win Best Damn Hoppy Beer in the Pacific Northwest, but it is good, and with any luck, it’ll get sampled near the end and will place.

One thought on “Hop Damn! humulus lupulus furor (hop madness)”

  1. Final Gravity: 1.018. A little high, but it would be hard to expect much more from the yeast. The final ABV is 5.9%. The extra malt payed off too in creating a very robust beer. We’ll see what happens when its done carbonating.

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