Real Beer Battle

Though I’ll have to wait until the end, I’m somewhat disappointed in some of the results as of late in the Real Beer Battle of the beers. Maybe I’m sore that local and personal favorite Bridgeport IPA lost, or that I can’t try some of these beers, but I think I feel a top 10 list coming on…

4 thoughts on “Real Beer Battle”

  1. It seems to me that people tend to vote based on more of whats popular. If they haven’t tried the beers they just vote for what they have heard of (I’m guilty of this myself, but I try and vote on the descriptions). You should sart up a tourny on this page!

  2. I’m sure we could recruit others. You know michelle, joe and lindsay, and….and yeah I don’t know who else….
    I guess I was looking for an excuse to try more beer.

  3. I’m sick of everyone voting for Alaskan Smoked Porter, yeah I like the beer but they won last year, pick someone else…

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