Happy 5th Anniversary Rooftop Brew

Today is the 5th anniversary of my first post to rooftopbrew. Some of the site (ingredients, process, etc.) is slightly old and leftovers from a class project I was doing while learning Dreamweaver, but I’d recently started using blogging software for a different site and saw the supreme usefulness for brewing. As tends to happen, the site started to include other brewerina; gear talk, exploration of techniques, comments about beer and events, and complaints about domain registrars and squatters. I lost the .com name a few years back and have been trying to get it back since. I added google ads a few months back (and have made $1.70!) from ad clicks. Not really enough to buy the domain back from the squatters. Oh well.

The name Rooftop Brew dates back to 2000 when I started brewing on my own with a kit Michelle got me for my birthday. Thanks. As mentioned in the State of the Brewnion, quality and quafability has been steadily improving since.

An apology to the site and it’s 3 readers – I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately with work, thesis writing, home repairs and child, so I’ve not brewed since October, and doubt I’ll have time to for a few weeks. I didn’t get to brew a spiced Christmas ale, so I’m now trying to figure out what to brew for a 5th anniversary special. Maybe a Belgian Pentuple?

5 thoughts on “Happy 5th Anniversary Rooftop Brew”

  1. Congrats! I’m very impressed. I’ve been doing this for about two and a half years. First with beerbits, aka The Brew Lounge, and now with Beer Bits 2. It really is fun, but, it is often one of the first things to get axed in the priority list. I too have children, home repairs and work. I can’t imagine writing a thesis too! Wow…you da’ man!

    So thank you and congrats and here’s to your next five years! Prost!

    One of your three readers 😉

  2. Shoot I still use your ABV calculator and anytime someone talks about making a kegerator I point them at the two tutorials on here.

    Here’s to another 5!

  3. Howdy, just found my way over here by way of Adams blob (Beer Bits 2). I’m looking forward to reading into your kegerator posts as that is where I’m at right now.

    Am I the 4th reader?

    Also I will make it a point to click on each and every advertisment I see on your blog 🙂

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